Cleaning Dirty Data- Splunking JAWS

I’ve been playing around with my shark data. I know this is not the sort of data you would normally ingest into Splunk but when I’m testing different visualizations or new apps I like to use data that interests me. The down side is that the data is not always clean. Below I’m going to show you how to clean up Mixed case dirty data directly from search. Dirty Data In this case I have a field that has mixed … Read More

Know Your Splunkers


I get asked all the time by customers and recruiters, “What does a Splunk Developer do?” A simple question and a good one. So often I see Splunk roles being advertised with skill sets that just don’t work together. So to jump straight into this I thought I’d clarify the various skills of Splunk roles Power User This is typically someone who works “for the business” but has been trained in using Splunk on a day to day basis. They can … Read More