The App Assembly is a Sydney based consultancy studio that specializes in all aspects of Splunk. Our key expertise is in visualising data, creating reports and alert automation. We specialize in combining design and function to give your Splunk dashboards, reports and apps a corporate style make over.

From our experience strong visualisations which support both your business functions and your corporate culture dramatically increase the value of investment in these tools.

We focus in great design so your users will understand your data.

Our Small Team of experts has 20 years combined professional experience in web and software development. Working for clients in Manufacturing, Government, Resources, Retail, Education, and Entertainment. Including both enterprise solutions and web services used by millions of users.

We think there are lots of good reasons to choose us. Here are 5:

  • We are Responsive

    As a small company we are more responsive. We use an optimised Agile methodology to ensure you achieve the greatest productivity in the shortest possible time.

  • We are Specialised

    We’ve made the decision to specialise in Splunk. We won’t try and sell you other tools. Our only interest is for you to maximum the value of your existing investment.

  • We Are Competitive

    Our competitive pricing makes it an easy decision to bring us on board. We are small and nibble and offer a truly expert service at a price that is fair. We are proud to be a small, high quality studio and that allows us to offer our expert services at a competitive rate.

  • We Deliver Results

    We have experience working for major corporations as well as for small businesses. We implement well thought out designs that have a measurable, positive impact on your business. We work with you to identify your business objectives and come up with simple, effective solutions to help you achieve results.

  • We like pretty pictures

    65 percent of us are visual learners. If a pictures worth a thousand words , than a visualisations worth a petabyte.